You’re Gonna Get a Charge Out of This

Nowadays, batteries are a big part of our lives. Our phones, tablets, emergency lights and, of course, our cars and RVs, all have batteries. Oh, and the boat. Don’t forget the boat.


And batteries have a way of dying at the most inconvenient times. Ever lost power during a storm and gone to the hall closet for an emergency light, only to learn time hadn’t been kind to the batteries? Or in the middle of the lake or down some long country road, needing to make an important call, realizing that the last call was one too many? Or worse yet, deciding to take friends out on the boat, only to be greeted by a dead battery and a motor that just sat there staring at you?


I’ve used the Peak Amp 12-volt Jump Starter for years. (Once upon a time, I actually had to look after 6 cars and 2 boats, but that’s another story.) When you have multiple vehicles all depending on battery power to start those engines, having a reliable jump box is important. It’s particularly important when you don’t drive those vehicles frequently. Left sitting around waiting for you to turn the key, batteries will occasionally, well, need a swift kick in the amps. 


Speaking of amps, that Peak Amp I mentioned was good to me. But it was, um, heavy. It had clamps that somehow seemed menacing, and you had to charge the thing frequently. If you wanted to charge your phone or your laptop or your iPad or your kids’ video gamer, then you need an additional inverter to get the job done.


Well, I recently acquired a WeeGo 66. Damn. It’s demure but packs a punch. Where the Peak Amp offered 280 cranking amps, the WeeGo blasts out 600. All the inverter-related connections are built in, so it’ll keep your iPhone and your laptop and your iPad and whatever else hopped up and ready to perform. Did I mention that it’s light weight? Oh, and you only need to charge this device (It comes with a 12-volt cable so you can charge it with that thing we used to call the cigarette lighter in your car. And there’s a wall charger for the garage or boat house.) once every 6 months, or after each use.


Additionally, the WeeGo is an easy power source for things like portable air compressors, camping equipment and air pumps for inflatables. What more could you possibly need?


In a world that’s increasingly operating on batteries, it is what you need. It’s what everybody needs.

By JPaul Henderson

The small, more portable WeeGo 22 is an even easier to carry device and can charge your iPhone, tablet, lights, or jump start your boat motor or your car – even a diesel. It packs a serious punch but is small enough to carry in your bag, or even your pocket. Imagine being able to jump start your boat or car with something nearly as small as your cell phone. Think of it as the Swiss Army Knife of charging devices.


See? WeeGo has a variety of related products to handle your power and charging needs. Everything from small battery packs to the WeeGo 66 that can safely jump start batteries as low as .05 volts – and your phone. Quickly.


Prices range from $11.99 to $199.99 for the super-duper WeeGo 66, each one powerful enough to damn near light up the whole neighborhood.


The point is, how good is all your cool stuff when the batteries are dead, or you’re without a power source? You can count on whichever WeeGo model you choose to keep your toys working, all the time. With a WeeGo in your bag, you’ll never be without power for your boat, car, cell phone, laptop or tablet, lights or anything else that needs batteries or a power source – ever again. Unless you drive off and leave that stuff at home. Then it doesn’t matter.


Click here to learn more: WeeGo.

WeeGo 66


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