New Boats to Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

By JPaul Henderson

Four things have greatly advanced the state of the art of boat design over the past few years. Computer assisted design, innovative new materials and electronics. Did I say four things? Add to the first three, great imagination in the design department.

Leading this year’s pack are the latest offerings from Regal.


Everything from high technology, to innovative seating, unparalleled luxury and breath-taking performance.

Innovative seating: Regal’s UltraLounge offers six-way adjustable seating, from upright seats to a full bed and everything in between. Customize your interior to suit your needs or moods. Translation: Everything from a leisurely cruise down the lake, cold drink in hand, to that “ain’t life grand?” moment.


Regal’s boats have earned their deserved reputation for great performance because of the unique (and patented) design of their hull, over which everything else is built. Regal’s FasTrac hull is engineered with a full beam step, which significantly reduces friction and drag. Regal’s FasTrac hull is the recipient of media acclaim and numerous industry awards.


From the technology department: Regal’s Surf Tab System will do to your senses what ginger ale does to your nose. A full body tingle, whether you’re in the boat or behind it. As wake boarding and surfing rise from something to do, to an art form, Regal has stepped up with boats to match the enthusiasm. Its Surf Tab system, with up to 2,000 pounds of ballast, creates incredible wake boarding and surfing that can go on until someone cries uncle.


Thanks to Regal’s exclusive RegalVue display, the dare devil behind the boat knows what the boat is about to do and is directed to the right or left side by flashing lights on the port or starboard side of the stern. RegalVue also manages speed control which can be customized for riders with different skills and experience.

Underneath it all is the new and innovative Volvo Penta forward drive propulsion system that can take thrill-a-minute water sports from fantasy to reality.


And to keep your boat trip loud, Regal boats come with a plethora of state-of-the-art audio and video options.

But the big news from Regal is their LS series, new for 2019. These boats are a game-changer for the model year, with features way to numerous to mention here. But let me try ...


Let’s start with the luxury amenities not seen in boats this size. Like, well, like power seats. Power seats? And the dual Garmin displays. And the through-stem windlass anchor.


But the thoughtful design features really carry the day. Take seating, for example. Gone are the bucket-style pedestal seats. These boats feature a solid-seat base and what Regal calls “edge-to-edge” seating, which means 11% more seating space in the LS4 – 15% more in the LS6 – and an additional six-inch wider interior beam. That goes right along with the craftsmanship evident in every detail, especially the comfort you’ll feel once you let it all soak in.

There’s the “double-wide social seat” in the LS6. The multi-position seat converts from a cockpit lounger to a forward-facing seat large enough to share with just a flip of the backrest.


On the transom, you’ll find two fold-away rumble seats, and an amazing low-to-the-water swim platform. There’s also an optional swim step that makes climbing out of the water easy, even for the family dog.


Like other Regal boats, there’s enormous storage capacity. In the LS series, the redesigned cockpit layout increases an already huge capacity by thirty-one percent.

And if all that isn’t amazing enough, take a look at the new 33 SAV – that’s “Sports Activity Vessel.”


This amazing bit of design culminated in a boat for every season. There’s the obvious outboard component, which will suit many boaters just fine, particularly if you spend some time in saltwater. The “sports activity” covers the bases, whether you’re fishing, towing, or cruising.


The thoughtfulness, or thoroughness, of the overall design of this boat includes a side-entry door that makes dock access easy, and provides the perfect place to dive in. There’s also a portside walk-thru with tall freeboard that provides easy access to and from the bow.


And, speaking of the bow, the other obvious feature is that open bow, with oversized bow seating of course.


And the fishing package. This option adds a live-well, macerated fish box, transom rod holders, and raw water wash-down.

Should the fish refuse to bite, there’s the full-service refreshment center, which includes a solid-surface countertop, refrigerator, sink, trash can, more storage drawers, and optional electric grill, and TV.


If all this isn’t enough, consider the cabin. Yes, there’s a cabin, and it’s full standing-room. With a full head. And separate shower, a forward queen bed, and … AND! … an aft California Queen bed.


All this designed and built with your on-the-water experience in mind.

So where can I see these bad boys? Talley’s Pier 77 Marine in Cornelius, NC is now an exclusive Regal dealer. Everything Regal, all the time. Regal and Talley’s have a long history together, but their new relationship is about as close to a marriage as you can get. One of the nation’s premier boat builders, teamed with one of the area’s oldest and most respected places for sales and service.

As an aside, but of interest: In an age dominated by corporate behemoths who only view you as a billing unit, Regal and Talley’s are both still family-owned businesses that actually care about you and want you to be happy. So in the unlikely event something should go wrong, instead of pressing nine buttons on your phone trying to reach customer service, you can  have a conversation with "a real person" to get any problem resolved.


How dedicated are Regal and Talley’s to superior products and service? Each has won enough awards for excellence to make a varsity trophy case look like a storage closet.


So if you’re in the market for a new boat, from the smallest to the biggest, from basic to ultra luxurious, this writer, who has no relationship whatsoever with Regal or Talley’s, somewhat less than humbly suggests you put Regal and Talley’s on your shopping list.

Fine Fiberglass on Lake Norman, Cornelius NC


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