Pool Scouts Funds 1,500 Swim Lessons to Kids Through Hope Floats Foundation

Percentage of services honors National Water Safety Month

Pool Scouts of Lake Norman & South Charlotte honored National Water Safety Month by partnering with the Hope Floats Foundation in May to donate more than 1,500 swim lessons to children living in poverty.

The Hope Floats Foundation works with local organizations to provide swim-lesson scholarships to underprivileged children in an effort to empower children and families with the knowledge and skills to save their own lives, according to the foundation’s website.

Children having swimming lesson
Hope Floats Foundation provides swim-lesson scholarships to underprivileged children. (Adobe Stock)

Pool Scouts, a family-owned pool cleaning, repair and renovation company, has supported the foundation for the past three years with a goal to reduce the number of drowning deaths.

“At Pool Scouts, this is a really good opportunity for us to give back to a group that may not have the access to the resources they need for access to swimming lessons,” said Pool Scouts President Michael Wagner in a statement. “It really fits into our brand promise of being more professional, caring and giving better service to our communities around the country that we service.”

“Not only are we focused on cleaning and maintaining pools, but we always want to provide a safe environment for you and your family,” Pool Scouts’ website reads. “That’s why it’s so essential to spread awareness about the importance of learning how to swim!”

As one of more than 101 partners across the country supporting the Hope Floats mission, Pool Scouts hopes to raise $35,000 this year in support of the cause — a $9,000 increase from last year.

Throughout the month of May, Pool Scouts donated a percentage of each pool service to the Hope Floats Foundation to provide swim-lesson scholarships to children.

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Though National Water Safety Month has ended, the Hope Floats mission of spreading resources and awareness to families who could benefit from swimming and pool safety information is a year-long endeavor. 

The Pool Scouts website offers a few life-saving tips to avoid drownings including the following: wear life jackets in and around natural bodies of water, secure the perimeter of your pool, talk to your kids about water safety, never swim alone and remove toys and other temptations from the pool area when unattended.

Learn more about Hope Floats and how to help at the foundation’s website.

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