6 Charlotte Area Scuba Salvage Resources for That Lost Item

Services for Lake Norman, Lake Tillery, Lake Hickory, Lake James & Lake Wylie

It’s hard to ruin a nice day on the lake, but when you suddenly lose your wedding ring, Apple watch or an expensive pair of sunglasses, it can put a stop to the fun. Luckily, the Piedmont lakes are home to a number of scuba salvage small businesses that will come to the rescue and help you recover what you’ve lost.

Depending on the lake, scuba diving to salvage items comes with no shortage of difficulties. This isn’t like finding something on the bottom of a pool, after all. Divers can run into issues including low visibility and needing to sift through debris on the lake floor left by all those other folks who have lost unclaimed items over the years — or the remains of whatever town, village or farm was there before the lake.

A scuba diver going down into the lake water to retrieve missing items
It’s hard to hold on to everything when enjoying a day on the lake. These scuba salvage resources can help find those missing items for you. (Adobe Stock)

To give your diver the best chance of recovery, Tow Boat U.S. suggests you immediately note landmarks around the area where you lost your item or mark the spot on a map of the lake and record the depth it was lost in.

Specifically at Lake Norman, for example, the depths can change drastically within a short distance due to the mountainous terrain of the lake bottom, which makes pinpointing the location all the more important, according to the Tow Boat U.S. website.

Once you’ve got a location, choose from the resources here to help retrieve your lost treasure.



Lake Norman Scuba Diver
Lake Norman Scuba Diver will search and recover lost items in Lake Norman, Mountain Island Lake and surrounding waters.
Contact info: 704-458-5628;

Tow Boat U.S.
Lake Norman’s Dive Services understand that each situation is different. “This makes it difficult to estimate a job without understanding the details,” their website says. “So give us a call to discuss your diving needs.”
Contact info: 704-200-1930



The Dive Guys
The Dive Guys will free-dive for lost treasure up to 30 feet in Lake Tillery. The pair of brothers live up to their tagline: “You lose it, we find it,” posing with gold bracelets, Apple watches, pontoon doors and more on their Facebook page.
Contact info: 980-271-1632

a table full of items recovered from a lake by Lake Norman Scuba
A look at an under water haul from Lake Norman Scuba. (Facebook)



Lake Hickory Scuba & Marina
Lake Hickory Scuba is the only underwater salvage crew on the lake. According to its website, the company’s professional divers can recover anything “from small items like keys or cell phones, to body recovery or vessel recovery, to even surveying around your dock, we are your one stop shop for Salvaging and Under Water Surveying.”
Contact info: 828-632-7649;

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Carolina Specialty Diving Services
Andy Monosso specializes in recovery of lost items as well as larger boat recovery and inspection.
Contact info: Andy Monosso, 828-460-7167

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Land & Sea Recovery Services
Cory Devereau and his team travel the country on “tour” to recover lost items without charging clients the mileage to get there. Call to see if he’s in town and is available to take your case. His website ensures, “If you’ve given up hope, you haven’t called ME yet.” Land & Sea Recovery Services’ consultations are free and its team will not take your case if they don’t think they can recover your lost property.
Contact info: 803-242-3571;

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