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Welcome Aboard: Volume 23, Issue 2

This one is a great issue, Piloters. We’ve beefed up the editorial content a little and given the book a bit of a facelift with a redesign. Look for other small changes in the layout and design to come in the future, and be sure to peruse our new website at PiedmontLakesPilot.com.

I have come across many new challenges in the venture of producing this handy boating index of the Piedmont region. I’ve now had a chance to meet some of our partnering businesses and local experts both through general business conversation and a weekend at the 2024 Mid-Atlantic Boat Show in Charlotte earlier this year.

These minute experiences have confirmed what I already figured to be true: Our local boating community is more tight knit than your average mooring line. Everyone knows everyone from here or there — old job, former boss, that guy bought my old boat, etc. etc.

The community is a thriving and welcoming space for newbies.

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A captain with Sea Tow Lake Norman on his VHF assisting a member out on the lake
Volume 23, Issue 2

Others, like Nathan Fabbricatore, have been in this space their whole life. I met Nate and his twin brother Nic at the Mid-Atlantic Boat Show and these are great guys. They’re young, personable, kind and welcoming. I’m sure that says a lot for the care and customer service they offer out on the water with Sea Tow of Lake Norman. Read more about how Nate got to the position he’s in and why he does it.

Following that feature article is another bit of content on a lake we heard about almost exclusively at … you guessed it … the Mid-Atlantic Boat Show. Our article by Annie Keough about 10 ways to spend a day out in the Lake James area has got me ready to launch the kayak and paddle out to a primitive camping site along the Long Arm Peninsula in this cozy spring weather. Learn about access and activities in the serene area above Lake Hickory.

Elsewhere in this issue, we feature the beloved SandBar Marina & Grill with a not-to-be-missed Wine, Wing and Well Wednesday special. Plus, we bring back a Gus Gustafson feature on windy fishing memorializing his great contributions to local fishing in the Carolinas.

That and more await in the coming pages. Thanks for following along.

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