Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard: Volume 23, Issue 3

This seems salvagable

That summer weather is finally here, Piloters. We are glad to get this issue out and into your hands with all that the season brings us in water recreation.

This little book includes four new feature articles for your pleasure including how to recover that Apple Watch you dropped in the water, a waterside Tillery hangout for the entire family, the best places to watch unforgettable Fourth of July shows on all the lakes in our coverage area, and how faith and perseverance built a local dealership into a one-stop, year-round service and sales location for area boaters.

Had I had the correct level of responsibility or at least the knowledge of the existence of The Dive Guys on Lake Tillery back in 2016, I probably could have saved myself nearly $1,000. After an exhausting day on the water, me and some other fellas I was boating with that day decided to play a little game.

an image of the cover of the June-July issue of Piedmont Lakes Pilot
Volume 23, Issue 3: June-July 2024

“Keep it up,” one of my buddies yelled as we all cheered in agreement at the mention of our own on-the-water drinking game where a Nerf football is passed around by foot and kept off the ground. The one to drop it chugs their entire beer, rinse, repeat – except for the DD.

Fast-twitch movements while kicking stuff around after drinking on a boat much of the day is a recipe for disaster in any scenario, but the reward of fun outweighed the risk here.

Fast forward through the game to when I pulled my phone out to try and get a video of the debauchery as the ball was coming my way. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing as the ball approached my hand and swiftly removed my phone from it.

As the phone flew through the air, seemingly in slow motion, it received not one, not two but three kicks from my fellow players trying to keep it in the boat before skyrocketing over the stern and into the Tillery waters.

We all dove in trying to play a new game: search and recovery … to no avail.

Thirty minutes from home, with no GPS and no phone store in sight on a Saturday I was thrown into the dark ages. The following week I made it to a dealer to grab a new phone at full price with no insurance or extra coverage. Oh, The Dive Guys, where were you!?

Anyway, check out those salvage resources online later this week, along with a feature article on Race City Marine and how Matt and Lynette Santomenna built a Goliath of a business off of their unwavering faith and instinct in providing all-around customer service out in Mooresville.

Don’t forget the fireworks!!

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